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This is a multi purpose mp3 player which doubles as a USB storage device. The beauty of pen drive mp3 players is you can simply plug them into the USB port (USB 2.0, but back compatible with 1.1) of your laptop or computer and drop and drag mp3 files straight over, no need for software or leads. No software is needed unless your using win98.

With 512mb and 1GB models you can set the screen from a range of 7 backlight colours, including - Red,Green,Dark Green,Dark Blue,Blue,Yellow and Purple. Also when you copy and paste an artist folder full songs to the player, it then allows you to select and play that folder. If you're looking for a multi-featured mp3 player with USB storage that won't break the bank, then it's a good bet. Also a good consideration if you don't want to take your expensive hard drive player on a night out or on holiday.

The volume is conveniently located on one the side of the player. It's controlled by two small round buttons, the volume is easy to adjust by feel, whilst in your pocket for instance. On the other side is a rolling wheel control, which allows you to skip through tracks and settings by moving it forwards or backwards. By pressing down on this you can change the 'Mode' the player is in. This rolling wheel or toggle makes this player really easy and intuitive to use.

On the top side of the player next to the LCD screen is the play/pause button, whilst on the other end is the A-B button. The A-B button is a feature which allows you to repeat certain parts of the track. You listen to the track and push down to select the beginning and push down to select the finishing point, the player will now keep repeating this section. This would be useful for learning a language or trying to decipher a lyric. There are also a number of repeat modes, including repeat current track, repeat all, random play amd preview which plays the first 10 secs of each track.

This Player also has a built in FM radio, which will allow you to scan for stations and save these to presets for future use.

Another useful feature is the voice recorder which uses a small microphone situated at the front of the player, it worked well and picked-up talking from several metres away. It has a simple and classic shape.

ModelNumber of tracks in Mp3 formatNumber of tracks in WMA format
1GB Memory 256 512
2GB Memory 512 1024
4GB Memory 1024 2048
High Defination Array 7 colour LCD (except 128mb model)
This is a blue backlight screen and clearly shows the song name and artist, track number, time played, battery life, repeat functions
Play Modes
Multiple sound modes (Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic).
Built in 128mb/512mb/1GB flash memory
See Menu Above For How Many Tracks Your Can Store
FM Radio
Scan for stations, save a presets.
Voice recorder
Allows you to record using a very small in built mic at the front, records in WAV format.
No drivers needed
You can upload and download files without a driver (except with windows 98, driver is included for this).
Supports MP3/WMA file format
Multiple play mode
Allows repeat, random, preview
Continuous playing for at least 10 hours
Takes one size 'AAA' battery
Built-in Mini USB interface
Allows you to connect computer through USB port
Can be used as USB flash drive
Internal 128MB/512MB/1GB Flash Memory
What's included
Mp3 player, headphones, driver for windows 98, 1 X AAA battery and manual, USB Cable

Small size and lightweight 96mm(L) X 25mm(W) X 15mm(H)
Weight 37g (excluding battery)
Replay file format MPEG1 layer III (32~256 Kbps), WMA
Indication of File information MP3 file : ID3 tag
FM Radio 88.5 - 108 mhz
Earphone jack 3.5mm
Record Format G7222
LCD screen size 96 X 26 pixels
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 KHz
signal-to-noise ratio 90dB
Power Supply 'AAA' battery X 1
Supporting O/S Windows: Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000, XP

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