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Running to that perfect workout music not only improves and boosts your performance on your workout by 15%. It allows you to remain motivated and focused on your performance. Choosing however, your gym music, can often be challenging. Dependent on your workout, the length and music taste I hear you say, "Fast or Slow"? Thinking about this, would you sprint on the track to something with no fast, upbeat and catchy tempo, timbre or beat?

Finding that right fitness music for you is completely unique to your workout, so analyse what you plan to do and for how long. This effectively plans your perfect gym music playlist! Create that perfect scenario, its time to hit the track and you have hours of time ahead of you. 15 mins running, at a 4mph speed. So how do you find that perfect tune?

BPM - Finding That Beat

If you’re doing a longer run, choose music which is a steadier BPM of say 120BPM to 130BPM. This is more suited to endurance where you want to pace yourself steadily. For shorted faster runs and interval training you can choose music which is higher BPM from 130 to 171.

Using this above method ensures a perfect rate for you during your workout either at the gym or on the road. Specifically when running is concerned, Runners World recommends the above method so that you are active at your ideal cadence and optimising and improving your energy levels during your sessions. Creating the perfect gym music playlist is now easy! You have the BPM, you have the activity. So, where next? We have some fantastic suggestions for you to use during your gym workouts, using the best, optimised music for a range of activities. Here is just a few to get you started!

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For that perfect warm up or cool down gym song when your either starting off your workout or just relaxing and winding down your muscles, we suggest a music piece with a BPM of 80 - 100 BPM.

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Stepping it up to running, again, perfect for the gym or the road, the likes of Hey Ya - Black Eyed Peas (with a BPM of 160) or Pump It (with a BPM of 157) will break you in to a steady run, ready for the fast paced workout you require. These are just some of the suggestions we recommend as part of a perfect workout routine. Workout music is paramount both for you gaining the most out of your routine as well as speed maintenance and energy efficiency during your time in gym or track.

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